Project Experience

Auditing and Reporting

  • PanAust – Third party compliance auditing against the Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability across 2 mines, a logistics base and 2 shipping facilities; including exploration activities on behalf project bankers.
  • Newcrest – Internal auditing services assessing conformance with internal Environmental and Social Standards, IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability and compliance with government approvals and permits.
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore – Provision of assistance with the internal environmental audit program including; leading audits, training of internal audit team members.
  • Kellogg Joint Venture Gorgon – KASA Consulting were awarded a 3 year contract to undertake audits of the KJV Gorgon EMS to assess the extent to which the established management system met the requirements of the ISO 14001 Standard and to assess the status of its implementation.
  • GEMCO mine and TEMCO manganese smelter – Provision of audit services assessing compliance with internal HSEC Standards, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001; in addition to critical risk control audits, self-insurer OHS audits and Office of the Chief Inspector of Mines (OCIM) OHSMS audits.
  • Worsley Alumina – Internal EMS audits to ensure compliance with internal HSEC Standards and ISO 14001.
  • Woodside Energy – Provision of internal EMS auditing and waste management auditing services.
  • BMA Hay Point Services – Internal environmental audit services to ensure compliance with BHP Billiton HSEC Standards and ISO 14001.
  • Vale Oman –  EMS and environmental compliance auditing for the Vale Pellet Plant in Oman for the Vale Oman Pelletising Company.
  • Oman Cement Company – EMS and environmental compliance auditing for the Oman Cement Company (S.A.O.G.) in Oman.
  • Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel LLC (Oman) – EMS and environmental compliance auditing for Shadeed Iron and Steel LLC (a subsidiary of Jindal Steel and Power Limited) in Oman.

Management Systems

  • BMA Hay Point Coal Terminal (HPCT) – Internal auditing, facilitation of risk workshops and development of HSEC risk registers and review and revision of HSEC documents to create a single set of HSEC and operational documentation.
  • BHP Billiton GEMCO – Development, implementation and maintenance of an integrated HSECQ management system; including, facilitation of risk workshops and development of site and project risk registers; implementation of the site wide HSECQ internal audit programme; contractor HSEQ compliance auditing; development and maintenance of management system and operational documentation and facilitation of management review meetings.
  • BHBPIO – EMS documentation review and update – Review and update of EMS documentation at the asset level to ensure ongoing conformance with both relevant BHPB corporate standards and ISO14001 requirements. Facilitation of occupational health and hygiene workshops.
  • Water Corporation of WA – Provision of consulting and auditing services for the development and implementation of an ISO 14001 compliant EMS.

Air/Dust Monitoring

  • Swan River Pedestrian Bridge – supply, installation and maintenance many solar powered PM10 dust monitors, data reporting plus maintenance and support during all stages of bridge construction.
  • Waterbank Land Development – provide a PM10 dust monitoring station, with solar power, remote telemetry and SMS alarms for the earthmoving and dewatering phase of the project.
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital – Supply, installation and maintenance of dust monitors during the initial earthworks on the Fiona Stanley Hospital project.
  • Cygnia Cove Land Development – Instrument supply, maintenance and sampling for TSP, PM10, PAH’s, asbestos, heavy metals and weather data.
  • King Edward Memorial Hospital Refurbishment – We supplied critical inhalable dust monitoring in the Neo-Natal care wing of the hospital while the building was undergoing refurbishment.
  • CY O’Connor Land Development – Provision of a dust management solution consisting of 2 PM10 dust monitoring stations, with solar power, remote telemetry and SMS alarms for the earthmoving phase of the project.
  • Paganoni Road Dust Monitoring Investigation – Dust monitoring exercise to find out how far sand is being blown from a local quarry in Paganoni Road and whether it effects the local community. The solution provided in this case was 2 solar powered PM monitors with telemetry and SMS alarm systems plus 2 dust deposition gauges.
  • Cockburn Central Stage 2 – KASA Consulting were employed to provide a dust management system during earthmoving works on the Cockburn Central stage 2 Land development project.
  • Carine Rise Project – KASA Consulting was employed to supply and maintain 3 boundary PM10 dust monitors on the Carine Rise Land Development Project.
  • Central Park Mandurah – KASA was employed to supply 2 solar powered PM10 dust monitors plus maintenance and support of the clients existing dust monitors.
  • Piara Waters – Kasa was employed to supply a single PM10 dust monitor, plus setup and maintain the clients monitor on site.
  • Crown Perth Multistorey Car park – KASA was asked to provide PM10 dust monitors plus asbestos monitoring equipment during the initial earthwork stages of this development.
  • WACA Cricket Ground – KASA was employed by Syrinx environmental to provide 2 PM10 dust monitors plus 2 asbestos sampling pumps at the WACA whilst earthmoving works took place Nelson Avenue.

Meteorological Monitoring

  • Byford On the Scarp – Weather Station Supply and Installation – KASA Consulting was engaged to supply and install a Weather station In Byford. We supplied a Vaisala WXT520 weather transmitter plus 10m mast with remote telemetry and sms sensor alarm system.The unit was delivered to site and installed by us also. Data was emailed to the client in excel format once a week.
  • Jupiter Mines Camp Cassini Exploration camp – KASA was asked to install a permanent automated weather station on a 10m mast with solar power and a radio telemetry link to the local base office.
  • Caversham Caravan Park Extension – KASA was asked to install a temporary automated weather station plus PM10 dust monitors on the boundary of a caravan park that was being redeveloped and expanded in order to add wind direction data to the dust level data supplied by the PM10 monitors.
  • Graham Farmer Tunnel Monitoring – KASA provided a handheld anemometer to Lend Lease to take wind speed and direction measurements in the tunnel.

Water Monitoring

  • Byford Subdivision – Installation and maintenance of 2 stream gauging stations – providing flow, velocity, temperature, depth and rain gauging.
  • Muchea Stream Gauging System – KASA Consulting was approached by Emerge Associates to supply and install a stream gauging system and rain gauge for a project in Muchea. The installation included sms alarms and online data collection.
  • Graham Farmer Tunnel Overflow Monitoring – KASA was employed by Lend Lease to install a stream gauge on the outflow of one of the constructed wetlands that accepts the water runoff from the Graham Farmer Tunnel.

Miscellaneous Monitoring

  • Mandurah Bowling Club – Landfill Gas Monitoring.
  • Perth Airport Expansion Car Park – Soil sampling.
  • Mermaid Marine Microbiological Water testing – KASA consulting provided a mini incubator plus nutrient test strips for the indication of bacterial growth as part of Mermaid Marines in house water tank QC process.

Water Management

  • Mermaid Marine - Developed a Drinking Water Quality Management Plan (DWQMP) for the Dampier Supply Base to supply drinking water to vessels and site personnel. The DWQMP was developed to demonstrate compliance with WA Department of Health requirements and aligned with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.
  • Wesfarmers Chemical, Energy and Fertilisers - Stormwater management study for the CSBP depot at Bunbury to assess the feasibility of developing an on-site woodlot to use excess stormwater with high nutrient loading and thereby avoid discharge to nearby sensitive water bodies.
  • Cottesloe Council - Water use studies for 2 high water use sites. Water meter logging, historical water use data and data from a site audit were analysed as a basis of improving water use efficiency.
  • City of Melville – A water efficiency audit for the Melville Aquatic Recreation Centre identified potential water savings of 2,661 kL/year out of the current water use of almost 28,000 kL/year; the efficiencies would save over $10,000 /year, with a pay-back of 0.1 years.
  • City of Canning – Water audits for the Riverton Leisureplex and Burrendah sports precinct identified water savings of about: 19% at Burrendah, with annual savings of over $2,000 and a payback of 9.6 years; and 22% at Riverton with annual savings of $17,000 and a payback period of 0.3 years.
  • BHP Iron Ore -KASA developed potable water process documentation:Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Procedure; Drinking Water Quality Sampling Procedure; Drinking Water Quality Annual and Quarterly Reporting Templates; and Water Quality Management System Audit Procedure.
  • Lend Lease - KASA developed a database to manage ten years’ water quality data for both surface water and groundwater. KASA also installed flow metering for dewatering discharges to an urban drain. Water quality and quantity data were assessed against regulatory requirements, to identify potential impacts on the receiving environment and to ensure appropriate water management.
  • Perth Airport – KASA established a long-term database for surface water and groundwater quality data for the Perth Airport Estate. Water quality data were analysed on a quarterly basis to identify potential contamination of surface waters and ground waters and to identify trends. The work was used to improve management measures and address areas of concern.

Environmental Approvals

  • Accolade Wines – KASA Consulting personnel were engaged by Accolade Wines to develop the Houghton Winery Nutrient Irrigation Management Plan which focuses on management of wastewater, management of irrigation impacts and nutrient loadings to comply with the Houghton Winery DER Licence.
  • Bluewaters Power, Bluewaters Power Station - Bluewaters Power Station, a coal-fired power station situated near Collie, Western Australia, provides electricity to the SWIS. KASA Consulting has a long history with the power station, providing approvals and compliance support to the previous owners Griffin Energy. KASA continues to provide support to Bluewaters’ personnel on site and at the head office through compliance reporting, annual reporting and reviews of environmental management plans.
  • Forge - KASA Consulting provided strategic advice to Forge regarding environmental approvals for a potential transhipment operation. KASA worked with engineers and marine specialists to prepare an environmental constraints assessment for the operations.
  • Griffin Coal - KASA Consulting personnel were engaged by Griffin Coal to develop preliminary documentation for State and Federal referrals. Our role was predominantly as project environmental managers responsible for identification, coordination and review of specialist investigation reports, liaison with government agencies, and overall project environmental management for the Muja South Project between 2007 and 2011. KASA personnel continue to provide support to Griffin Coal through a variety of tasks including but not limited to annual and triennial environmental and water monitoring reporting, National Pollutant Inventory Reporting, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, mine plan revisions and Operational Environmental Management Plan revisions.
  • Harvey Industries Group, Harvey Abattoir – KASA Consulting personnel have provided environmental advice to personnel at Harvey Abattoir since 2001. Annual environmental reporting, carried out by KASA Consulting, focuses on water quality issues, specifically nutrient loadings, and farm-based mitigation measures. Wastewater reuse through irrigation of crop systems in accordance with a Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plan (NIMP) has contributed to operational cost savings. KASA also provides assistance to Harvey Industries Group for National Pollutant Inventory Reporting, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, DER Licence amendments and an update of the NIMP.
  • Horizon Power – KASA Consulting has supported Horizon through the development of DER Works Approval and Licence applications as well as improving EMS documentation and Management Plans for numerous sites in the State.
  • Jupiter Mines Limited, Mt Mason DSO Hematite Project – The Mt Mason project is located within the Mt Ida Greenstone Belt, north-west of Menzies in the Goldfields. KASA Consulting has worked closely with Jupiter since 2012, providing strategic advice and scheduling as well as preparing documentation for a wide range of environmental approvals. Well prepared, high quality documents successfully secured approval from the relevant regulatory authorities that administer the EPBC Referral, Native Vegetation Clearing Permits and Works Approvals.
  • Lanco Resources Australia – KASA Consulting personnel were engaged by Lanco Resources Australia to provide assistance with a Public Environmental Review advertising and public comment period as well as for EPBC Approval coordination.
  • Mt Weld Mining Pty Limited, Mt Weld Project - The Mt Weld Project is one of the richest known deposits of Rare Earths in the world, located in Laverton, Western Australia. KASA Consulting staff have worked with Mt Weld Mining since 2007 and developed the approvals documentation for the Phase 2 Expansions for the Project. Approvals successfully obtained during this phase included a Mining Proposal, Works Approval and Section 45C. KASA Consulting continues to support the Mt Weld Project as it expands, through the provision of strategic advice and preparation of additional environmental approvals documentation.
  • Northern Minerals – KASA Consulting personnel were engaged by Northern Minerals Ltd to develop the Brown Range Rare Earths Project wastewater treatment plant and landfill Works Approval, which was subsequently approved.
  • Orica Australia – KASA Consulting prepared the environmental licence application supporting document for the Kalgoorlie Facility.
  • Sinosteel - KASA Consulting prepared Works Approval and Licence Application documentation for the Blue Hills Project that led to successful construction and commissioning of the Project within the defined schedule.