Water Management


Water Management is increasingly important with rising water costs and health and environmental regulation. Robust and systematic management helps future proof your business through reducing your costs and your regulatory, environmental and health risks.

At KASA Consulting, we understand the complex and varied challenges associated with water management, whether it is drinking water, general use water, waste water, drainage water, or surface water bodies. Our experienced consultants provide a tailored range of services to help meet your regulatory, verification, documentation, reporting or business efficiency requirements.

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Water Efficiency

KASA Consulting has recently acquired premium Western Australian water efficiency company, WaterProof – the water use investigators. WaterProof’s full suite of water efficiency, and water management services are now available within the KASA Consulting stable.

Geoff Diver, former WaterProof Managing Director has also joined the team at KASA and has taken up the role of Principal Urban Sustainability Analyst. This role brings Geoff’s wealth of water and energy efficiency, and built environment expertise to KASA’s skill set.

KASA Consulting has four staff formally acknowledged and recognised by the Western Australian Water Corporation as Waterwise Specialists.

This gives KASA Consulting an excellent platform from which we now provide services such as water audits, the preparation of water efficiency management plans (WEMPS), and specialist skills such as data logging, load profiling and leak detection. Follow the link HERE to see a full range of water efficiency and water management services offered by KASA Consulting.

Download the free brochure for WaterProof – the water use investigators WaterProof services here:

Waterproof Flyer Waterproof Flyer (247 KB)

Water and energy costs keep rising; our WaterProof services generally identify cost effective ways of reducing water bills by over 20%. By reducing water use, you also save energy costs (through heating less water) and sewerage discharge costs (nearly 1½ times your water usage cost).

Our WaterProof range of services include:

Water Forensics – analysis of historic and current water use patterns.

  • leakage detection;
  • continuous system monitoring;
  • and system inefficiencies.

Water Efficiency Inspection – examination of points of water use.

  • cost-effective hardware replacements;
  • maintenance needs;
  • and inventory of water using hardware.

Waterwise Water Audit – Water Corporation-endorsed audit.

  • quantify water usage across a site;
  • input to Water Efficiency Management Plans (WEMPs).

Water Charges Analysis – examine opportunities for reduced costs.

  • sewerage discharge costs;
  • and meter charges.

Training – raise staff and contractor awareness.

  • ongoing monitoring;
  • behaviour change;
  • and continuous improvement.

Water and Wastewater Management

Drinking water supply and wastewater treatment are variously regulated in WA by the Economic Regulation Authority (ERA), Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), Department of Environmental Regulation (DER), and Department of Health (DoH).
KASA Consulting can provide advice and help you meet regulatory and other requirements associated with your water and wastewater management.

Water and Wastewater System Auditing

  • Regulatory compliance with ERA licence conditions
  • Compliance with Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines (ADWG)
  • Regulatory compliance with DER/EPA Conditions
  • Compliance with Management Plans (including Drinking Water Quality Management Plans (DWQMPs), and Systems
  • Undertake independent audits

Drinking Water Quality and Wastewater Management Plans

  • Develop practical risk-based, ADWG-compliant, DWQMPs
  • Develop Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plans (NIMPs)
  • Develop Environmental Improvement Plans
  • Develop supporting documentation and processes


  • Annual Environmental Reporting (AER) to DER
  • Annual Audit Compliance Reporting (AACR) to DER

Specialist sampling and monitoring

  • Laboratory selection and liaison
  • Sampling and monitoring program development and documentation
  • Site monitoring and sample collection
  • Monitoring equipment, rental and supply

Drinking Water Quality Management


Drinking water

Drinking water supplies, such as for small communities, mine sites and exploration camps providing drinking water are obliged to comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).

The Department of Health requires ADWG-compliant Drinking Water Quality Management Plans (DWQMPs) and system compliance and reporting processes.

KASA can assist your organisation in these areas.


  • Drinking Water Quality Management Plans (DWQMPs)
  • Documentation of procedures and manuals
  • System risk assessment and management


  • Sampling and monitoring program development and documentation
  • Site monitoring and sample collection
  • Monitoring equipment, rental and supply
  • Laboratory selection and liaison

Auditing and Reporting

  • Auditing of compliance with DWQMPs and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Quarterly and Annual Reports to the Department of Health
  • Review of system performance

Water Management Planning

Water Management Plans may be required to protect sensitive environments or to manage operational or construction water or treated wastewater flow, such as stormwater and discharge flow.

KASA Consulting can provide assistance with developing plans, such as Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plans (NIMPs), to meet regulatory requirements.

KASA Consulting can also conduct audits to verify compliance of your business or contractors with water management plans or associated compliance conditions.

For all enquiries relating to Water Management please contact Paul Richards on 08 6460 2732 or email at paulr@kasaconsulting.com.au